Boa constrictor constrictor

    Making any assumptions regarding a boas origin based on phenotype is often pointless but is particularly pointless with the Venezuela Boa. I do not have specific and verifiable locality data on these unique boa from Venezuela. However I have made some contacts with fans of the boa constrictor residing in Venezuela who shared their opinion on these boas. I now suspect these boa are possibly a transitional race of boa constrictor residing between the (possibly?) imperator boas in the Northwest part of Venezuela and the B. c. constrictor boas further to the South and East. They are not Amazon Basin rain forest boas but seem heavily influenced by those boas. Their color and pattern remind me of boas from Peru only in a smaller package. They have a golden/ocher background color that just glows and actually improves with age. The hour glass shaped mahogany saddles rest on a very clean background.

     One interesting thing about these boa is that I have encountered more than one large dealer of boa offering them for sale as Paraguana Peninsula Boa. These boa have very little in common with boa truly from the Paraguana Peninsula. I have searched far and wide for information on the Paraguana Peninsula Boa. On multiple occasions I have found pictures posted by divers and other vacationers to the peninsula and those photos were of boa that look like my Paraguana Peninsula Boas here on my website and none of them resembled the boa on this page of my website in any way. Also my contacts in Venezuela breed the Paraguana boa themselves and their Paraguana boa look very much like my Paraguana Boa and nothing like the boa on this page of my website.

    These boa typically mature around 4.5 to 6 feet and are very hardy. They are free from the delicate qualities common to Guyana and Suriname boa.