Boa constrictor sabogae

      These boas come from a group of islands in the Bay of Panama. These are a naturally occurring hypomelanistic boa. Pattern anomalies are common among them as well. Mine are of the reduced pattern variety. B c. sabogae are colorful island boa. Shades of orange and yellow tend to concentrate toward the tail. Some prize examples of this boa race keep that lighter coloration into adulthood. They also change color getting lighter or darker similar to the Corn Island and Hog Island races of boa constrictor. If you like pale, pastel colors these should appeal to you. They have large, long pointed heads and beautiful large eyes. The heads and eyes of these boa are a trademark of the race. Some of them have orange eyes.

    Mine are somewhat content and easy to handle boa that do not seem to take offense quickly. They do have a strong feeding response. They are mildly curious and will explore when handled. These are an excellent choice for boa aficionados of any skill level.

    I have 1.1 born in 2007 from Rich Ihle. I also have 0.1 produced in 2010 by Vin Russo of Cutting Edge Herpetological. This last boa is from a new bloodline imported in 2005. While not as drastic a change as I sometimes see in my Corn Island Boas they do get lighter and darker daily.