Boa constrictor imperator

    No collection of locality boa is complete without Hog Island Boa! These small island boa are a naturally occurring hypomelanistic and colorful race of boa constrictor from off the coast of Honduras. This race of boa has a lengthy and rich history in culture among boa constrictor fans.

    The loyal following among boa fans that this boa race immediately inspired contributed both to the explosion of interest in unique island races of boa constrictor and to an era of overcollecting some island boa that affected and forever changed many unique boa populations that were quite vulnerable to overcollection due to the very small number of boa on some very small islands.

    Given how much mixing of boa races has occurred that involved the Hog Island Boa, it is even more important with this locale specific boa to make sure that you purchase yours from a source who has a spotless reputation if you care about 100% certainty of your boas origin. Supposed Hog Island Boa show up at practically every reptile expo and on the classifieds section of reptile websites frequently. Often they are advertised with the tenacious claim that they are pure. Such claims that cannot be substantiated are somewhat worthless to serious collectors of locality boa. These boa can be quite calm or nervous as youngsters. Overly nervous adults are quite rare.

     I’m particularly proud of these boa. These little boa have a long way to before they reach adult coloration. These gems are pure Rio Bravo Reptiles bloodline boas purchased directly from Gus Rentfro.

Here are some photos of my female. The male was deep in shed and not quite photo worthy. Hopefully I can add him in the near future.