Boa constrictor constrictor

     These unique boa from Belem, Brazil are one of the very few locality specific “true red tail” boa with such a narrow point of origin from the wild. That alone makes them very special to the collector or admirer of locality boa but there are many reasons to love these boa.  

     These boa are also a bit more hardy than some of the true red tails from Suriname and Guyana. They tend toward a smaller adult size and are draped in a beautiful golden color as adults. They are known for their often pale, clean background colors and typically have very long and bright red tails as well. Regarding pattern they are quite variable with dorsal patterns in almost any configuration. They often have very intricate secondary markings between their often fused dorsal saddles. The dorsal saddles are often pale centered, a trait unique to red tails from Brazil. The black pattern on them is often very distinct against the very clean background colors. These are very handsome, almost regal boas. I can’t remember encountering a bland or unimpressive Belem Boa.

     My Belem Boas are still very young. I will update with some pics in the future. Mine are pure Rio Bravo bloodline boa.

      The four photos above are of my female. The two below are of my male. He is dark and also not happy with my shenanigans with the camera. He is starting a shed cycle plus digesting a meal. His normal coloration is more like the females although he does have more speckling than her. His typical attitude is also typically much more accommodating. I included the photos because these also represent part of what makes up boa life.